Custom Software

Infrastructure to Suit Your Needs

Our Service Division maintains personnel with a wide skillset that stands ready to develop nearly any kind of application that you could ask for. And, if we don't have the talent that you require on staff, we're happy to work with our trusted partners to ensure that your application gets developed in a timely fashion with the quality that it deserves.

API-Driven Development

Of course, the software that we build is custom-tailored to fit our clients' vision. That being said, we really enjoy writing software using API-driven development. This enables us to decouple the front and back ends of our software, making it easier for us to develop your project in a timely fashion. In addition, API-driven development allows you to benefit from

  • Easy third-party integration
  • UUX/UI updates don't affect the back end
  • Single-door policy makes it easy to connect any front end

Web Apps and Mobile Apps

When it comes to web-based applications, there's no project too big or too small. We've helped build everything from small social media-esque platforms to workflows that integrate with larger electronic health record (EHR), electronic medical record (EMR), and health information exchange (HIE) platforms. One of our many passions is interoperability-- working to make your application with other applications in your workflow, even if other vendors have turned the idea down.

Perhaps you're just looking for a website-- maybe you're starting a new company, or you're just refreshing your brand. We're happy to build your website from scratch, or we can use existing templates and customize them to fit your needs-- the latter of the two tends to be cheaper and works great for static sites. (Again, we want you to know about all of your options-- we're adamant about not doing business under false pretenses.) In addition, we'll work with you to claim your domain name and set up custom email services for your business.

Security and Healthcare + MMIS

We take security seriously too-- as we've mentioned, we've worked quite a bit in the healthcare and MMIS space. Other vendors will tell you that they're HIPAA Certified-- this is an untruth. There is no federally-recognized certification for HIPAA, but we're pleased to say that that the datacenters we use are audited for HIPAA compliancy, and all of our PHI-handling software complies with federally-mandated HIPAA standards.

Of course, with regard to all of our software, we take pride in our mission to strive for best practices in security. We do this through our infrastructure by providing layered security and implementing defense in depth, and at the application level by working to ensure that your project is free of bugs before signing off on it. We even offer maintenance solutions so that we aren't stranding you in the middle of nowhere when development and deployment are complete-- we'll work with you to update security issues and implement updates to the logic and user experience as you see fit.

Get in Touch

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