ChainSpy is a blockchain news resource that aims to help organizations involved with block production and validation spend less time searching for updates from the community. Technical updates are often scattered across a wide variety of different platforms, including Telegram, GitHub, Discord, and even Medium; the constant hunting and gathering of technical news critical to your communities detracts from the time you'd have otherwise spent on innovation, and it often necessitates the hiring of dedicated personnel just to serve as a coordinator.

Instead of hiring people or spending your own time to weed through the different platforms for information, we present ChainSpy as an alternative. Our project consolidates all of the relevant information for all of your ecosystems in one place. Complete with alerting for whatever communication platforms your team might be using, ChainSpy can handle the burden of being your one stop shop for those critical notifications that you can't miss.

ChainSpy came about because our engineers were spending too much time gathering information and not enough time actually going out there and building stuff. This is a tool that we use internally-- and so, we're excited to share it with you so that we can all focus on things that are more innovative.

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