Axonibyte Innovations, LLC

Welcome to Axonibyte, where we strive to foster the development of cutting-edge technologies so that their applications can be utilized to solve everyday problems.

Research and Application

At Axonibyte, we research various topics in the wide discipline of computer science, inventing new methods of carrying out tasks and often publishing our findings. Then, we leverage our expertise to help companies implement modern technologies by using our research. Our research focuses on applications of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and malware analysis.



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Whether you're someone who wants to start a research project, or you're an organization that needs some computing task completed or some technological project built, our team is happy to bring you on board and help solve whatever academic or business problem that might you have. We encourage clients to "not reinvent the wheel" so that they can instead focus on developing other new and innovative things--and we live by that in our work.


Clients + Projects

Here are some of the clients that we've worked with and projects that our team has completed over the years. We do our best to fulfill our clients' needs--and, we continue to work with them after the completion of a project to ensure that the project can adapt to any changes in business case and so that any issues that pop up can be solved quickly.


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